Burning Shorts Issue 3: September/October 2006

Sponsor Alert! Ad Agency Alert! And Audiences of All Ages!

Please consider this brief, simple, and gifted entertainment. “Windward Shorts: Cubicle War” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QeTuQDJDqdM . Yes, it is an effective comedy, perhaps an homage to such diverse duos as Laurel and Hardy or Tom and Jerry.

Sponsor Alert! Ad Agency Alert! The piece may also be a critical clue to evasive treasure: the relationship between online video and commerce.

This piece is based organically and seamlessly on the sponsor it promotes: Windward Reports. At the outset, one of our duet explains that since he and his adversary have been using Windward Reports, they have had more time for … well … in their case: mischief. Indeed, Windward Reports is a software product which time-saves for those who compose reports digitally.

The visionary brilliance of Windward Report’s marketing via this video deserves admiration and scrutiny: Ultra-optimal cost efficiency, simple but resounding product promotion, and creative freedom for talent.

This piece proves, with out-loud laughter, the organic, seamless connection that can exist between art and commerce online. Bravo!

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