Burning Shorts Issue 17: March 2008 our Fingers in Our Nostrils

“A Bunny Situation” and Editorial on the State of Online Video: Our Fingers In Our Nostrils

As promised today to and for JT, here is digital animation reported by our one of our Visionary Editors as done by a single person …

“A Bunny Situation” www.youtube.com/watch?v=FFuitd30vH4


We enjoyed the HanDonks especially the Oogum Boogum performance poem of their landing page! www.handsomedonkey.com. So we were excited when we learned that www.abc.com was to launch the HanDonks’ new series “Squeegees”.

So, episodes 1 through 5 of “Squeegees”  … um … has “potential”? “Potential” to grow into a character-driven irreverent verbal and physical comedy … you know, like those Marx Brothers … they were pretty good?

Or … is www.meetthesqueegees.com from whom our illustration above is borrowed unintentionally a great deal more funny?

Like our visual commentator above: we keep our nose plugged and hope for the best.


Welcome back, Brother Jim!

*photo www.meetthesqueegees.com/fun.html

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