Burning Shorts Issue 18: April/May 2008 A Series for the World

Erik The Librarian Mysteries

A Series the World Has Been Awaiting!

As he listens in bliss to music on headphones, moving (dancing?) wildly down the sidewalk, Erik screams, terrifies another pedestrian, “The collective emotional wisdom of the ages, and you can get it for free at the library!!!” (Episode 3, “The Secret of Burl Ives” at http://www.60frames.com/series/movie/Nw==/NDM)

This is a series the world has been awaiting.

Erik, twenty-something, played by Charles Neilson, the librarian may be somewhat bi-polar, lost in literary brain fog, or both. He is in love with the patron who forever is trying to retrieve her car keys she left behind. The main reference librarian and the man who is going calmly insane trying to study for the GRE in dysfunctional library chaos mainly produced by Erik comprise the cast.

Slick and smart: Brent Forrester’s series is referred to as “Erik The Librarian Mysteries” … The “mystery” is why it is called a “mystery” (nothing in the episodes clarified), and whether “Erik the Librarian” was entitled with rhyme and meter of “Conan the Barbarian”.

And, in the center we have Erik. Just as Robin Williams expressly acknowledged his master Jonathan Winters; just as Johnny Carson acknowledged his master Jack Benny; similarly with Jim Carey and Jerry Lewis, Erik is doing a hyper-geek Wallace Shawn. And it is beautiful. The supporting cast is/are exquisite.

The series appears on 60frames: take me to lunch, and I’ll go into the subject of the site as a whole. For present purposes: hurray for 60frames! In addition to Erik, there are other other series or anthology episodes that really lead the original online entertainment Parade today at 60frames. (Even the adjacent Google ads are ironically funny.)

About 60frames, I say, “God bless ‘em …” About “Erik the Librarian Mysteries”, I say, “Give us more!!!”


Surfing the Creative Web Wave: The Raw The Naked The Vulnerable … At The [Turning] Point

To begin …

Behold … http://www.dailymotion.com/relevance/search/Bodyboard%2BPipeline/video/x1cmo3_bodyboard-pipeline-shorebreak_extreme

Cold, Wet, Dawn … in the ocean at a fine point break in So Cal. Among surfers, this is “Dawn Patrol”.


One other in the water with me. He paddles to me, asks, “Hey, Man, how old are you?”

“Twenty,” I reply.

“Gaawd … that’s old,” he says.

Next month, Burning Shorts turns two, and I think, “Gaawd … that’s old.” Current “Web2.0” Era, that is old. Ah, and currently too, I am still in the ocean daily at a fine point break, and I ride waves that are both fresh, universal and eternally renewed.

Riding waves is creative expression.

And … Burning Shorts must be the point break for the Digital Arts Dawn Patrol. Like the surfer, the artist is raw, naked, and vulnerable in a vast ocean, and needs a glassy, clean point break where artist can inspire us to feel the fresh, the universal and eternally renewed.

So … this is to declare that Burning Shorts hereby expands beyond online video to all online creative expression …

Original video, site-as-art, song lyrics, best of the blogosphere, forms yet to be invented … all online creativity passionately sought and supremely welcome.

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