Burning Shorts Issue 19: June 2008 Awareness Test

The voice says, “This is an awareness test …”

Then, the words “Awareness Test” appear on screen.

Watch carefully.


Above all, “Awareness Test” challenges all who seek to advance original online video arts. As the video says, “It’s easy to miss something you’re not looking for …” This video challenges us to expand mightily what we are looking for in original online video arts. Here, Burning Shorts, we have surely tried, and we will continue with even greater intensity as a result of the challenge issued by “Awareness Test”.

The video illustrates the idea that the answer is before you provided you have asked yourself the right question. Or, you have the appropriate intention. Or, both. Currently, in original online video arts, the common question I hear is “What’s the Business Model???” So Alexa, Google Analytics, other resources are answering how many times the ball is passed on the assumption that traffic leads to money. Yet, “Awareness Test” warns us that to do so to the exclusion of other qualities … like artistic merit … is perilously narrow at best.

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