Issue 25 Volume Two, December 2010/Early 2011 BSTX1 Episodes 1-4

 We present Xtranormal, a complete online video-production digital animation software package site.

This Issue presents both sample of Xtranormal (a resource we discovered of amazing potential) and substance as Burning Shorts Theater employs Xtranormal to move boldly in a new direction, thus illustrating our motto here: “ALWAYS READY:  NEVER PREPARED.”

Burning Shorts Theater Xtranormal, First Series, or “BSTX1”, Episodes One through Four (1-1 through 1-4)

BSTX1-1 Burning Shorts Becomes Xtranormal and Her Majesty Introduced

BSTX1-2 Hail New Metaphoria!

BSTX1-3 Calliope Recites Crow

BSTX1-4 Her Majesty Enlists Burning Shorts

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