Bad Online Entertainment

Bundle Unbundle Model

For the Audience yearning to be captivated, and the Artist yearning to captivate …

How Web2.0 has become stale and narrow this early in its history?

The most heavily visited sites consist of what we call the Bundle/Unbundle Model (“B/UnB”). The B/UnB Site does two basic functions.

It “Bundles”: collects, connects, or otherwise accesses vast amounts of data.

It “Unbundles”: in response to visitor inquiry, it provides the visitor with a list of choices intended to satisfy the inquiry derived from the Bundle.

It is easy to become numb to B/UnB because it is so pervasive. Consider … “search” is another name for “B/UnB” …

“general” search: Google, Yahoo

video search: YouTube, Metacafe, Dailymotion

social networking search: Facebook, MySpace,,

commerce search: Ebay, Craig’s List,

educational/informational search: Wikipedia, WebMD

[For a “tsunami” of additional examples, see].

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