Flaming Arrows

FLAMINGARROW 5 “‘You had to understand comic motion,’ [Mack] Sennett once told an interviewer, whereupon he pushed the interviewer into a swimming pool. ‘That is comic motion.'”

Those early guys really knew what they were doing, and where they were doing it was Edendale … The community in which I, literally, grew up: Edendale, LA, California …

“Edendale was widely known as the home of most major film studios on the West Coast.”

[Both quotes above from Wikipedia article on Edendale. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edendale]

The purpose of this message is to push you into the pool of realization that, in online entertainment, we must have our Edendale. The newly created “Goo-Tube” is fine for quantity and freedom of expression. So, 98% will be 1. The Theater of Pain and Idiocy; 2. The Promise of Porn; and 3. Clips of celebs and the famed.

It neglects and we need for that 2% a digital Edendale where founding talent can frolic, create, communicate, and stir things up.

Burnings Shorts is dedicated to being that virtual location: the return to Edendale.


We strive to present the finest and most innovative online video with editorial self-restraint: dignity, respect, and eloquence.

Yet, by our nature, we abound in the opposite of self-restraint: swashbuckling, manic irreverence.

So, a companion to and, increasingly, an organic part of Burning Shorts is the popular email bulletin we dispatch when our self-restraint fails.

Such email bulletins are called Flaming Arrows, and … wouldn’t you know it? … Our recipients like them. What a bunch of swashbuckling, manic irreverents!

Above: a brief, recent Flaming Arrow.

If this ebulletin resonates and you want more, simply contact us, and we will gladly put you on the list. If this appeals to you a great deal, please accept our invitation to compose and propose a Flaming Arrow …

Burning Shorts and Flaming Arrows may just light things up.

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