Burning Shorts Issue 13: Through December 2007

To innovate is to move …To the sweet spot on the Big Fast Wave of digital surf …

For quality online video.

We redesign and expand to do this, always.

We happily and proudly announce our alliance with Exterminating Angel Press, www.exterminatingangel.com, a publication of active values and editorial quality. To ally is to move to the sweet spot on the Wave.

So, new Burning Shorts will appear as a regular feature on Exterminating Angel Press. Our mission to discover, present, advance highest quality online video fits flawlessly within the larger editorial mission of Exterminating Angel Press and adds to its present and future organic growth. Providence.

Yes, we will maintain this site so that visitors can communicate and learn more about us, our history, our dedication, and above all our commitment.

Once again …


Stay on the Wave …


The mission of Burning Shorts: to discover, present, advance highest quality online video.

The mission goes well: site traffic climbs steadily and dramatically. We at Burning Shorts communicate and work with major online video talents presented on this site and later recognized by mass media as major pioneer artists. We communicate and work with the growing group of Visionary Editors who donate outstanding video discoveries and who guide, advise, and thus make priceless contributions.

To our surprise, we have yet to find another site that shares our mission.

So, please know that, as you read this, we are in the process of redesigning and expanding this site to innovate and improve the pursuit of our mission. Among expanded features, we expect, will be more visitor opportunity to contribute, to comment, and to interact.

We move as quickly as we can without sacrificing the quality to which we aspire. During this redesign/expansion, we may dispatch Burning Shorts online video discoveries by means of our extensive email list, which we invite you to join by contacting us.


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